CTO Services
Outsource only the professional services you need.
Technology leadership requires experience and knowledge not not every company can afford to hire a CTO full-time. AxiomAim allows you to bridge CTO leadership until your company is ready. In fact, we will help you identify the right person to meet you needs and successfully hire and take over leadership.
Technology Business Plan
AxiomAim can define human and tech resources, outline your budget and forecast growth to meet business plan projections. We will define the roles vital to your success, outline job descriptions, performance agreements and employee handbook.
Vendor Selection & Management
Identifying and selecting vendors is a challenge. AxiomAim can help you navigate vendors including negotiation, agreements and performance metrics effectively tracked and holding vendors to service level agreements or make changes when required.
Teams must perform consistently and predictable. Effective leadership must nurture and tap potential of team members and be aligned to business objectives evoking a powerful culture.
You unique way of doing things is your advantage in the marketplace. Systems must drive essential behaviors and provide clear expectations, rewards, consequences and communication. Effective systems drive behaviors, behaviors drive results.
CTO Coaching
Mentorship and coaching for high performance technology leaders
Company sizes, objectives and needs vary from company to company. As such, leadership takes many forms. AxiomAim can coach your leadership to achieve maximum potential. Whether your tech organization is one person and a large department the leaders influencing your business must be prepared to succeed. We coach your leaders to thrive.
Peer Groups
Interaction and counsel from other leaders is create wise effective leaders. Participation in regular peer meetings causes thought provoking dialogue, discover new solutions and engage with other to drive better results.
Team Performance
Leading is serving others well. AxiomAim gives training and mentoring to lead others to maximize their potential. Create a culture of performance is intentional and requires careful leadership.
Leadership means setting clear standards across the organization. This ranges from a simple employee handbook to a complex system architecture. Standards must be congruent and consistent. AxiomAim will work with you to define and implement the standards in your organization.
AxiomAim will provide Tools and techniques to stay engaged on the pulse of your organization. An effective Dashboard will track and notify before things go wrong.
Hierarchical ORM
Masterful use of encapsulated objects data to define data, models and instances. Not only can you quickly create cloud based data structures but those structures can change as desired instantly. Serializing and Deserializing data on the fly allows support and integration of any data source.
Google Cloud Platform
A Plug and Play back office built on Google’s Cloud Platform. This multi-platform global high performance infrastructure insures your system is always available, secure and protected.
System Mobility
Use your enterprise system from anywhere on any device.
Safe & Secure
Using state of the art authentication and security protects your system from unwanted access.
XO Framework
Systems that drive essential behaviors across your organization.
XO Framework puts you in control over technology. Rapid development for web apps, mobile apps and instantly scalable through a global cloud platform.

Trivium AI

The first machine to learn like a human.

Introducing Trivium. A breakthrough in AI, capable of "Full Artificial Intelligence." The blueprints are done and ready to build now. Trivium is accepting interviews with investors.